Early payments for farmers in Co. Cork – Harrington

cattleFine Gael Cork South West TD, Noel Harrington, has said that farmers in Co. Cork are to receive advance payments under the 2014 Single Farm Payment Scheme. The payments, amounting to €64,098,002.50 for 10,630 farmers across Co. Cork, will be issued today (Thursday).

“10630 farmers in Co. Cork are to receive advance payments totalling €64,098,002.50 under the 2014 Single Farm Payment Scheme.

“This is great news for farmers who need to maximise their cash flow and will be of particular benefit to beef farmers in this regard. Minster Coveney has shown his understanding of the difficulties faced by these farmers lately and has ensured the release of the Single Farm Payments on the earliest date possible under EU legislation.

“In total, the payments will amount to €480 million for 105,000 farmers across Ireland. Read the rest of this entry »


Funding Increased for First Time Since 2009DAFM logo

  • New Agri Taxation Measures Introduced
  • Beef Genomics Scheme – €100 Each for First Ten Animals

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Simon Coveney TD today announced details of his Department’s 2015 budget. Emphasising that despite the fragile recovery in the economy, he had secured an increase in funding for the first time since 2009. This would enable him to commence the key actions that will underpin the new Rural Development and Seafood Development programmes that he had secured as part of the reform of the Common Agriculture Policy and Common Fisheries Policy negotiations which he successfully completed during Ireland’s Presidency in 2013

“In this budget I wanted to set out clear priorities in order to maximise the contribution that the agri-food and marine sectors can contribute to national economic recovery and to focus as well on areas that are currently facing challenges” said the Minister. “I have again this year given particular priority to the beef sector by increasing in a very substantial manner the funding allocated to the new Beef Data and Genomics Scheme by raising it from €23 million in 2014 to €52 million”.

“To underpin my commitment to the beef sector I have increased the payment to €100 per head for the first 10 animals in a participating herd. This amounts to an increase from €60 to €100 per animal for the first ten animals in a herd and from €60 to €80 for all other animals. This level of support is a very welcome boost to the beef sector at a time when it is most needed”

Funding for 2015

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Budget will lead to job creation and economic growth in rural Ireland

Budget 2015 will result in more Gardaí, more productive farms and more rural jobs

 Fine Gael TD for Cork South West, Noel Harrington, has said that the Budget announced by Minister Michael Noonan is good for rural Ireland and will result in more Gardaí, teachers and more rural jobs.

“The Budget has job creation and economic growth at its core and I have no doubt that it will directly lead to more jobs and more money for the people of rural Ireland.

“The provision of 400 new Garda vehicles will enhance Garda presence in rural areas and help protect our communities in West Cork. There have also been 200 new Garda recruits announced which will in due course increase the number of Gardaí in rural areas.

“Our farming industry is the lifeblood of the rural economy. It is also is Ireland’s largest indigenous industry with an annual turnover of about €26 billion and 170,000 employees. This Budget has introduced twelve new taxation measures which will make additional land available to young and active farmers and drive production. This will protect farming incomes, facilitate an increase in productivity and make it easier for young farmers to access land and other farmers to rent land they’re not using.

“For too long it has been the case that the only way to farm was to buy a farm, inherit it, or marry into it. This Budget will help ensure a situation whereby it will no longer be necessary to own land in order to farm it. As a result of this Budget, anyone who wishes to enter a career in farming can now do so. This will help increase farming productivity leading to the creation of more rural jobs and further rural economic growth.

“The decision to retain the 9% VAT rate for the hospitality sector will help create a significant amount of jobs in rural areas. This measure has already proved hugely beneficial for rural Ireland and led to the creation of more than 30,000 jobs across the regions in the last three years.

“Furthermore, the €200 million allocated in the Budget to build social housing will have a direct and beneficial effect on rural construction workers who were badly hit as a result of the collapse of the construction industry. The extension of the home improvement incentive, which has already proved a godsend for rural contractors and their staff, will also be widely welcomed and will lead to further job creation.

“The decrease in the top level of tax and the widening of the tax bands is designed to assist our struggling retail sector and will act as a massive boost to rural businesses. Too many businesses in too many rural towns are struggling because people don’t have money to spend. People will have more money in their pockets next year as a direct result of these measures. Minister Noonan has predicted that tax decreases will lead to the creation of 15,000 jobs in the next three years.

“Rural areas have been particularly hit by the economic downturn and the Budget provides for a €1 million Rural Innovation and Development Fund to support innovative and small scale pilot initiatives under the CEDRA report. This funding is part of a wider comprehensive framework to support economic development in rural areas, including major elements of the draft Rural Development Programme, the Seafood development Investment Programme and the wider enterprise, capability and community development initiatives operated by other bodies such as the Local Enterprise Offices, LEADER Local Development Companies, Educational Training Boards and tourism agencies.”


Read full details of Budget 2015 here http://budget.gov.ie/Budgets/2015/2015.aspx





Marine communities to benefit from Budget 2015

CTBere pier€76 million for the marine sector

Fine Gael Cork South West TD, Noel Harrington, has said that Budget 2015 will benefit marine communities, with €76 million to be allocated to the marine and fisheries sector.

“Marine communities will benefit from Budget 2015 with the allocation of €76 million for the sector. An investment such as this is good news for all those living in coastal communities and anyone who makes their living from the sea.

“€11.5 million has been allocated to the new Seafood Development Programme 2015 and a further €6.3 million will be invested in aquaculture and fish processing projects.

“€11.5 million of capital funding will be invested in fishery harbour capital works. This type of investment adds value to those harbours but also is of great benefit to the local communities in which they are located.

“A further €47 million is being allocated to fund the marketing and development functions of BIM, the research role of the Marine Institute and the regulatory and control measures.

“This €76 million investment in the marine and fisheries sector shows a really strong commitment on that part of this Government to coastal communities in Ireland.”